Desulphurization Plant for TPP Timisoara


Special Foundation Works Desulphurization Plant for TPP

Desulphurization Plant for TPP, Timisoara, Romania

The thermal power plant in Timisoara must abide by EU rules regarding toxic emissions, therefore they had to build a desulphurization plant which additionally produces gypsum as a byproduct that can be used in constructions. Bauer was employed by the Austrian main contractor Andritz to execute the special foundation works for the towers. Bauer proposed to use skin grouted piles, used for the first time in Romania. The reduction of the piles length was about 30 percent by installing 190 nos. Kelly piles dia.
620 mm down to 13 m using a BG 15 drilling rig. Compression and tension tests on grouted piles showed an increase of 50 percent bearing capacity compared to non-grouted piles.