Kaufland M. Bravu - stage 1 Bucharest


Foundation Kaufland M. Bravu - stage 1

Kaufland, Bucharest, Romania

Although it was planned to start in 2010, the construction of this building began after many discussions regarding the foundations solution and retaining wall structure. Bauer Romania proposed an alternative solution and together with BK Dept. from Schrobenhausen issued another design. For this project Bauer Romania executed 100 nos. Kelly piles dia. 1500 mm with depths down to max. 20 m and 200 nos. CFA piles dia. 630 mm down to max. 18 m. We used Geosoil polymer for the construction of the Kelly piles - the first time ever in Romania, and the BG 28 rig and staff were rented from Bauer Bulgaria. For the construction of CFA piles we used our own rig, a BG 15. Instrumented tests with strain gages and inclinometric pipes were performed both for compression and horizontal load.