Orastie-Sibiu Motorway Lot1 Orastie-Sibiu


Bridge Foundations Orastie-Sibiu Motorway Lot1

Orastie-Sibiu Motorway Lot1, Orastie-Sibiu, Romania

The Strabag company was appointed by CNADNR (National Road Adminis-
tration) to execute the first lot of the Orastie-Sibiu Motorway, part of the PanEuropean Corridor IV. Bauer was appointed as special foundation subcontractor for the execution of 7 nos. bridge foundations, the most important one crossing the National Road DN7 and the main railway between Sighisoara and Deva. Kelly piles dia. 1180 mm embedded in marl were used as support for the abutments of the bridges with lengths varying from 12 to 27 m. All the piles were toe grouted and crosshole loggings or integrity tests were performed on them.